This page exists to track all known DIY projects of interest to me.

Facets falling under my sphere of interest include:


AC motors

Brushless Outrunners

Tesla Turbines


Corbin's EV

DIY Electric Car


Matt Shumaker (R/C Motors)

Rally Fighter

Made by Local Motors it's a 50-State Street Legal, Off-Road Powerhouse that sports:

  • 6.2 Liter, V8 Engine, Automatic Transmission
  • 430 Horsepower, 5,900 rpm
  • Custom built & designed by you (no expertise needed) at their micro-factory in Chandler, AZ
  • Easy Servicing - Built with Off-the-Shelf Parts

The only real negatives are that it's gas only, and fuel economy barely breaks above 20MPG. Their biggest call to fame is that it's a crowd-sourced design, with freely-downloadable blueprints available from their wiki-based site.

Sparc XEV (leaning tandem design)

Old RSS feed (and entire site in-fact) are offline:

Travis Gintz's eVFR


High-tech battery technologies

Hydraulic Motorcycle


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