Gift & Wish List

This list is good any time of the year :-) Please see the info at the bottom right-hand corner of this page, for last modification date.

Dynamic/Automated Wishlist

Items in this list are auto-added when I bookmark something with the “wishlist” tag… I try to remove that tag once an item has been purchased/gifted.

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Gift Certificates

As much as I appreciate the thought regarding gift cards to places not listed above. I usually find better prices online (including shipping charges), so I rarely utilize most retail outlets. Further, I do not own a TV, please don't buy me video rental gift cards.

Gadgets & Gimicks

Household items

Misc items

  • Anything related to Farscape, Babylon 5, or any other space-based SciFi which explores the human condition.
  • Gold/Silver/Platinum bullion coins - any size/value, though the larger the better :-) A local dealer has some of the best prices found anywhere.

Price Shopping Site Suggestions

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