This page is my clearinghouse for information related to the design and construction of my Human Power-Assisted Vehicles, their mechanical power-plants, and the adventures they facilitate.

Personal Motivation

Before even my teen years, I'd spend hours at a drafting board, designing streamlined small aircraft and 1-2 person vehicles. I've even got nearly 15 year old sketches of a tilting high-rider trike, much akin to what Stites Design has been manufacturing here in Portland for the past five years.

Over the years, my attention deferred to more important things; family, friends, jobs, and bills. All was reasonably fine, until the combination of economic downturns, sudden job changes, and a life-altering medical diagnosis provided me with a self-rationalizing excuse, and a hidden opportunity. I now have fully re-ignited a passion that has smoldered in the crevices of my creative intellect for nearly 15 years.

Thanks to the gracious help, and incredible patience, from family and friends, I've re-established full independence and normalcy within my life again…and because the expectation for high-speed transportation is so deeply entrenched within American culture, these vehicles play a major role. While not everyone has the same goals as myself, nor shares the same struggles, there has been a tremendous amount of interest in my designs…so in my way of “passing on” the resources provided by dozens of far more experienced Human Powered Vehicle enthusiasts, these pages are my best offering.


I took a Bacchetta Giro 26, added a Rohloff, Kenda airless inserts, Schalwbe Marathon Plus tires, and a brushless outrunner motor…and in doing so, turned this bike into a viable primary vehicle for personal transportation. My build page contains all the info you could want.

Power Assist Highlights

  • 3lbs - all equipment, minus battery
  • 11lbs - weight of 24v/20ah LiFePO4 battery
  • For around than $450 in parts and materials, anyone with a hand drill, a hacksaw, and a bit of mechanical skills, could build this on a Saturday and be whizzing through town by Sunday morning.

Original Design Goals

  • Sustain boost overall, with pedaling, cruising speeds - exceeded
  • Sustain 20MPH on 8% inclines, with pedaling - met
  • Under 15lbs of added weight to bike - met
  • Travel 20+ miles per charge - testing


Converting my 2006 Mercedes Smart Car from a stock 700cc gas engine to an electric SmartHEV.

Original Design Goals

  • 85MPH top speed
  • 0-60 in 10secs
  • 100 miles per charge
  • Range extension will enable 300+ miles per fillup


This is a Sidewalker Micro; a folding platform scooter which uses standard 12.5“ wheels. The goal of-course is to facilitate a simple, small, and straightforward means of quickly transporting myself short distances; largely between bus stops and my final destinations. Click the image for detailed design and construction information.img_0143.jpg

Original Design Goals

  • Under 20lb total weight - final weight: 22lbs
  • Folding/compact design - met
  • Sustain 20MPH on flats - testing
  • Travel 2+ miles per charge - testing

700W generator

The design goal is to provide ~700W of power for the ecchetta, so that I can complete long-distance rides, with an overall average higher speed. I've got the parts, I just need a weekend to solder and test now…

Original Design Goals

  • Keep weight under 10lbs - designing
  • Generate 700W of continuous DC power - possible
  • Facilitate 150+ MPG when coupled with Recchetta - designing
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